Ryūsuke Hamaguchi’s WHEEL OF FORTUNE AND FANTASY [Film Movement] Poster debuting at New York Film Festival

Poster I illustrated for Ryūsuke Hamaguchi’s WHEEL OF FORTUNE AND FANTASY, a triptych of Tokyo tales connected by the themes of fate, memory, and coincidence. It premieres in the U.S. at the New York Film Festival. The film won the 2021 Berlin International Film Festival’s Silver Bear jury prize and debuts in North American theaters on Oct. 15 at Film Forum courtesy of Film Movement.

Hamaguchi also co-wrote Kiyoshi Kurasawa’s period thriller Wife of a Spy, which won the best director award at the 2020 Venice Film Festival and his latest feature Drive My Car (also premiering in the U.S. at the NYFF) won the best screenplay prize at the Cannes Film Festival in May. Very excited about the next few weeks! Watch the U.S. trailer here.


I am so excited about this! Here is my slipcover art for Severin Films‘s new release Nosferatu in Venice (1988), the unofficial sequel to Werner Herzog’s vampire film Nosferatu the Vampyre. It stars Klaus Kinski in one of his last performances, as well as Donald Pleasence, Christopher Plummer, and Barbara De Rossi. Six different directors were involved, including writer/producer Augusto Caminito, Mario Caiano, Luigi Cozzi, Pasquale Squitieri, Maurizio Lucidi, and Kinski himself. Gorgeous, erotic, atmospheric horror film– and great bonus features are included. You can preorder the limited edition DVD here!